Support and Guarantees

Switching from other repricers

Data migration is a FREE service offered by our customer service team. We will work with you to:

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Copy your Min, Max, COG, Shipping, etc to StreetPricer

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Set up the most optimized price rules

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Benchmark your before and after BuyBox wins with snapshots

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Guarantee: BuyBox Wins

You will win more BuyBoxes. Here’s how the guarantee works:

  • Methodology: We compare the before and after BuyBox win snapshots
  • A mutual process: we work together to make sure the conditions are identical (e.g. Min and Max) and agree on a timeline
  • Optimzation: we apply the best settings to suit your business
  • Verification: We know you will be delighted with the results. If not, we’ll send you a nice bottle of wine/spirit of your choice.

Guarantee: You pay 20% less for repricing

We’re setting a new standard for price-performance. On comparable plans with the same SKU limits and features, if we are not 20% cheaper than your current repricer, let us know and we will set up a subscription rebate to make sure you are paying 20% less.

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Our US-based customer service team has a reputation of excellence:

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6 days a week covering all time zones – Always FREE

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Your choice of communication: screenshare, emails, calls, messaging (WhatsApp and Skype) – it’s all about you!

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A team of Product Specialists all with eCommerce selling experience