StreetPricer vs BQool

Built in 2021 with the latest Amazon Selling Partner API, StreetPricer is a BQool alternative with more advanced features and higher performance.




Built with Amazon’s 2021/22 Selling Partner API

Originally built with Amazon’s legacy MWS which is no longer available from 2024-03-31 ( – would have revised their code to migrate to Selling Partner API

BuyBox Wins

Exclusive + Shared + Featured
Win/Loss 7/30/90Day Analyzer
Cannot distinguish… no visibility


Average 1-2 secs (much faster than published spec of 5-20 secs)
15 minutes for their most popular plan, or 5 minutes for their “Instant”


Full AI logic on 150,000 SKUs
Max #SKUs for AI: only 15,000


No charge for additional marketplaces
Separate charge for each marketplace


  • Marketplaces: 20
  • Velocity repricing
  • Multi-fulfillment logic (e.g. if my FBA is out of stock, my FBM will be next in line to win BuyBox, switching dynamically, etc)
  • eBay
  • BuyBox Analyzer
  • ROI calculator: context sensitive and in Amazon format
  • Integration with eCommerce platforms
  • EPM (Event per Minute) and higher throughput options
  • Unlimited lines per file upload
  • US based customer service team
  • Marketplaces: only 9
  • No Velocity repricing
  • No multi-fulfillment logic
  • No eBay repricer
  • No BuyBox analyzer
  • ROI calculator not in Amazon format
  • No integration with eCommerce platforms
  • No EPM (Event per Minute) control
  • File upload limit of 2,000 lines per file

Why customers switched to StreetPricer

“I trust StreetPricer’s BuyBox counts way more than BQool’s… I’m not paying BQool $100 per month for each marketplace – no way… StreetPricer wins more BuyBoxes anyway.”

Keith T, FL
Categories: Movies & TV

“BQool looks way more complicated but it doesn’t mean it has more useful features. I tried to learn to use BQool but I gave up. Even their staff can’t explain to me how it works. StreetPricer is very well presented and intuitive to use.”

Lee T, Manchester, UK
Categories: Appliance spare parts

“I want my FBA to win the BuyBox and my FBM to have the lowest price, so I cover both bases. I was surprised to find out how many buyers only care about lowest price and nothing else. I implemented all that with one simple rule in StreetPricer.”

Derrick S, WI
Categories: Automotive Parts & Accessories

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