StreetPricer vs BQool

Built in 2021 with the latest Amazon Selling Partner API, StreetPricer is a BQool alternative with more advanced features and higher performance.


Built with Amazon’s 2021/22 Selling Partner API

Built with Amazon’s legacy MWS (due to phase out from 2022)

BuyBox Wins Exclusive + Shared + Featured
Win/Loss 7/30/90Day Analyzer
Cannot distinguish… no visibility
Multi-fulfillment Logic If FBA is out of stock,
FBM will be next in line to win BuyBox, etc
Not supported
Speed Average 1-2 secs (much faster than published spec of 5-20 secs) 15 minutes for their most popular plan, or 5 minutes for their “Instant”
Capacity Full AI logic on 150,000 SKUs Max #SKUs for AI: only 15,000
Cost No charge for additional marketplaces Separate charge for each marketplace
Summary Marketplaces: 20
Velocity repricing
Multi-fulfillment logic (e.g. if my FBA is out of stock, my FBM will be next in line to win BuyBox, switching dynamically, etc)
BuyBox Analyzer
ROI calculator: context sensitive and in Amazon format
Integration with eCommerce platforms
EPM (Event per Minute) and higher throughput options
Unlimited lines per file upload
US based customer service team
Marketplaces: only 9
No Velocity repricing
No multi-fulfillment logic
No eBay repricer
No BuyBox analyzer
ROI calculator not in Amazon format
No integration with eCommerce platforms
No EPM (Event per Minute) control
File upload limit of 2,000 lines per file
Why customers switched to StreetPricer “I trust StreetPricer’s BuyBox counts way more than BQool’s… I’m not paying BQool $100 per month for each marketplace – no way… StreetPricer wins more BuyBoxes anyway.”

Keith T, FL
Categories: Movies & TV

“BQool looks way more complicated but it doesn’t mean it has more useful features. I tried to learn to use BQool but I gave up. Even their staff can’t explain to me how it works. StreetPricer is very well presented and intuitive to use.”

Lee T, Manchester, UK
Categories: Appliance spare parts

“I want my FBA to win the BuyBox and my FBM to have the lowest price, so I cover both bases. I was surprised to find out how many buyers only care about lowest price and nothing else. I implemented all that with one simple rule in StreetPricer.”

Derrick S, WI
Categories: Automotive Parts & Accessories

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