StreetPricer vs RepricerExpress

Built in 2021 with the latest Amazon Selling Partner API, StreetPricer is a RepricerExpress alternative with more advanced features and higher performance.




Built with Amazon’s 2021/22 Selling Partner API

Originally built with Amazon’s legacy MWS which is no longer available from 2024-03-31 ( – would have revised their code to migrate to Selling Partner API

BuyBox Wins

Exclusive + Shared + Featured
Win/Loss 7/30/90Day Analyzer
Cannot distinguish… no visibility

Multi-fulfillment Logic

If FBA is out of stock, FBM will be next in line to win BuyBox, etc

Not supported

Velocity Repricing

  • Switches dynamically according to competition and stock level
  • Price control upon zero, low or high sales velocity
  • Reverse Sawtooth Wave option
Not supported


Average 1-2 secs (much faster than published spec of 5-20 secs)
Not published


  • Best eBay repricer: official repricer partner with eBay in 2020
  • BuyBox Analyzer
  • ROI calculator: context sensitive and in Amazon format
  • Bay repricer: relies on exact matching of UPC/EAN on both yours and competitors’ listings, therefore inability to screen out real competitors vs similar listings.
  • No BuyBox analyzer
  • No ROI calculator

Why customers switched to StreetPricer

“We have competitors on some product lines, but not all. We’d been looking for a while to automate the pricing on those house brands. We looked at a few sales velocity repricers. We’ve found most are only useful for stock clearance scenarios… StreetPricer’s velocity autopricing is the best we’ve seen… adjust pricing UP or DOWN according of number of units sold over time… we were pleasantly surprised to see prices being very gently pushed up over time and even happier with the increase in profit, especially with the decrease in time spent watching our competitors.”

Silvija P, Boston, UK
Categories: Health & Personal Care

“We only have about 2,000 SKUs… we find most sellers want to list as many SKUs as possible. We’re the opposite… Each SKU has to generate an ROI and also return on cash… we watch the sales of every SKU. StreetPricer is the only repricer that allows us to maintain a target sales velocity as our competitors stock fluctuate… For our seasonal products we adjust the target velocity every couple of months then sit back and watch StreetPricer do the rest – that’s about it. ”

Larry A, TX
Categories: Beauty & Personal Care

“We’re building up our Amazon sales and we find StreetPricer an excellent tool to work with… StreetPricer has become a necessary part of our workflow… we review our sales most mornings… Min and Max price uploads are automated with FTP from our IT… Their eBay repricer is really good. We can choose to compete or not compete with sellers. We use their radar to screen out the suspects…”

Jesse E, AUS
Categories: Pet Supplies

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