StreetPricer vs

Built in 2021 with the latest Amazon Selling Partner API, StreetPricer is an alternative with more advanced features and higher performance.

Built with Amazon’s 2021/22 Selling Partner API

Built with Amazon’s legacy MWS (due to phase out from 2022)

BuyBox Wins Exclusive + Shared + Featured
Win/Loss 7/30/90Day Analyzer
Cannot distinguish… no visibility
Multi-fulfillment Logic If FBA is out of stock,
FBM will be next in line to win BuyBox, etc
Not supported
Velocity Repricing
  • Switches dynamically according to
    competition and stock level
  • Price control upon zero,
    low or high sales velocity
  • Reverse Sawtooth Wave option
Can only set “units/month”
Speed & Capacity Average 1-2 secs (much faster than published spec of 5-20 secs) Full AI logic on 150,000 SKUs Not published
Summary Cost based on SKUs (min $29 p.m.)
Marketplaces: 20
BuyBox Analyzer
ROI calculator: context sensitive and in Amazon format
Integration with eCommerce platforms
EPM (Event per Minute) and higher throughput options
US based customer service team
Cost based on your revenue (min $49 p.m.)
Marketplaces: 15
No eBay repricer
No BuyBox analyzer
No ROI calculator
No integration with eCommerce platforms
No EPM (Event per Minute) control
Why customers switched to StreetPricer “Once I started using StreetPricer, there was no going back – the app is infinitely better.”

Kelly J, CA
Categories: Electronics

“We did use Informed for a while. It didn’t really do much for us. I could never work out why prices were set how they were… StreetPricer gives a lot more information… there’s clarity and accountability of price changes. I can even see exactly what happens to individual items and the logic behind the change. By the way, setting Min and Max prices are so much easier…”

David V, FL
Categories: Motorcycle & Powersports

“StreetPricer is fast and scalable. It has all the features we need and it seems a new feature almost weekly… We used to have a mixed bag of repricers. Now we just standardize on StreetPricer… All our staff are trained on StreetPricer.”

Jonathan L, CA
Amazon virtual assistant service provider

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