StreetPricer vs ChannelMAX

Built in 2021 with the latest Amazon Selling Partner API, StreetPricer is an ChannelMAX alternative with more advanced features and higher performance.


Built with Amazon’s 2021/22 Selling Partner API

Built with Amazon’s legacy MWS (due to phase out from 2022)

BuyBox Wins Exclusive + Shared + Featured
Win/Loss 7/30/90Day Analyzer
Cannot distinguish… no visibility
Multi-fulfillment Logic If FBA is out of stock,
FBM will be next in line to win BuyBox, etc
Not supported
Velocity Repricing
  • Velocity acceleration/deceleration detection
  • Switches dynamically according to competition and stock level
  • Price control upon zero, low or high sales velocity
  • Reverse Sawtooth Wave option
Simple price adjustments according to sales
Summary Advanced filters and actions on selected
Integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, SkuVault, ShipStation, SureDone, StoreAutomator, Listing Mirror, etc
Amazon compliant cross-platform and Min/Max price integrity
Best eBay repricer: official repricer partner with eBay in 2020
BuyBox Analyzer
No calculated Min/Max
Does not maintain cross-platform price integrity (e.g. Shopify)
No EPM (Events Per Minute) control
No BuyBox analyzer
No eBay or Walmart repricing
Why customers switched to StreetPricer “To avoid listing deactivation by Amazon, we were looking for a repricer that sends latest Min and Max prices together with price changes to Amazon, as well as pushing the same to Shopify. We like the user interface a lot. It’s much better than what we had. Their tech support is good.”
Richard H, FL
Categories: Cell Phones & Accessories

“We had a surge in sales almost immediately. It took us a few days to get set up with the right Min and Max. We sell with multiple seller IDs on different Amazon and eBay sites. They don’t charge extra every time we add a new store.”

Flo H, AUS
Categories: Home & Kitchen

“StreetPricer reprices used listings as well as new. It’s easy to manage prices with brands and tags. So far so good. It’s not the cheapest but it pays for itself.”

Jude L, AL
Categories: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

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