How to Win More BuyBoxes

Amazon’s new SP-API (2021/22)

StreetPricer is built with the latest Amazon Selling Partner (SP)-API and cloud computing. Unless the repricer you use or evaluate was built in 2021 or later, it would be based on the legacy MWS technology which has been phased out.

Amazon’s official statements on SP-API replacing MWS:

blue quote 1
“Going forward, all new API functionality will be built in SP-API, with updates to Amazon MWS only to support business-critical changes.”


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“Yes, over time the legacy Amazon MWS sections will be deprecated and you will need to migrate to SP-API to continue service.”.


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“We recommend that you start
integrating with SP-API
immediately and complete your migration from Amazon MWS to SP-API as early as possible.”



Secret Sauce: AI that analyzes other repricers

We take AI to another level. Not only do we analyze the BuyBox and your competitors’ pricing, we analyze the behaviour of the repricers they use.

We compare our BuyBox wins against other repricers. We anticipate their moves. Our self-learning AI constantly calibrates against other repricers.


50x Faster

With the new SP-API, our response time to a competitor’s price change is consistently under one second – approx. 50x faster than the next fastest repricer.

Other Amazon repricers claim to respond from “65 seconds” to “5 minutes”, or even longer – as they were built with outdated platforms.

We log the response time for every price change at SKU level for you to see at the click of a button.

See how StreetPricer compares with other repricers: