Repricing Academy

Best in Class Repricer Training

Become an expert in repricing on Amazon or eBay. Learn how to optimize sales and profit with Competitive and Velocity repricing. Combine theory and practice. Course instructors are the best of our Product Specialists who have hundreds of repricer implementations under their belts. Courses are delivered online over 3 sessions of 2 hours each on Tue-Wed-Thu to blend in perfectly with your work days.

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Competitive Repricing

Velocity Repricing

Theory and Practice

3 x 2hrs

Who Should Attend

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Store owners, eCommerce managers and virtual assistants

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Do I have to be a StreetPricer user?
No. The courses are structured to suit regardless of the repricer you use. It’s also OK if you’re looking to use a repricer.

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Do I have to have an Amazon or eBay account?
No. We provide a “live demo” account to each student with full data that simulates connected Amazon and eBay accounts.

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Is there a test at the end of the course?
Yes there are multiple-choice quizzes daily and a problem-solving certification test on the last day.

Amazon Repricing

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• Amazon’s price notification framework
• BuyBox types & Amazon’s BuyBox logic
• ASINs & related ASINs

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• Amazon fees & profit calculator
• Min/Max strategies
• Pricing strategies
• Velocity Repricing: pros and cons

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• Dynamic velocity repricing
• Combining Competitive & Velocity repricing
• Applications & case studies

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• Benchmarking: step-by-step
• Automation & Multi-fulfilment
• Troubleshoot & problem solving

eBay Repricing

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• eBay’s price polling framework
• eBay’s catalog system & Item Specifics
• eBay’s search algorithm

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• Suspects & Competitors
• 1- pass vs 2-pass repricers
• Floor & Ceiling prices: Market vs COG based

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• Pricing strategies & AutoPrice rules
• Velocity Repricing: pros and cons
• Dynamic velocity repricing

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• Combining Competitive and Velocity repricing
• eBay Keywords
• Automation
• Troubleshoot & problem solving