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“I used because they claimed to be the fastest Amazon repricer… That was a few years ago – until StreetPricer came along… StreetPricer’s speed takes it to another level. The BuyBox wins and the insights I get from using the software are unparalleled… Their team is responsive and a pleasure to work with.”

Steve H, Milton Keynes, UK

Categories: Private label lifestyle products

“The multi-fulfillment price rule is HUGE. To get around the restock limits, we have our own fulfillment as well as FBA. We prioritize our FBA stock to win the BuyBox, while our own stock will try to match the lowest price. For the buyers who shop for the lowest price, our FBM SKU gets the sale. But when our FBA is out of stock, StreetPricer automatically switches our FBM to win the BuyBox. This was a game changer.”

Chris A, CO

Categories: Industrial & Scientific

“Our eBay sales are almost the same as Amazon, so we need an eBay repricer that works. We chose StreetPricer because of its eBay repricer… It works flawlessly… Thrilled we made the right choice.”

Duane N, NE

Categories: Motorcycle

“We don’t do FBA, we dropship from our wholesale suppliers. We sell popular aftermarket parts but we also have our own brands… When we looked at expanding to Amazon UK, we had to look for another repricer… Moving to StreetPricer was much easier than I thought.”

Mike W, British Columbia, CA

Categories: Automotive Parts & Accessories

“We have been using StreetPricer for 2 years and we have always been impressed with their tech support… Our store is larger than most at just over 90,000 SKUs. StreetPricer is consistently able to handle that with no problems.”

Victoria L, CA

Categories: Home & Kitchen

“Since we already use StreetPricer for eBay, it made sense for us to try their Amazon module… Aura was good, but StreetPricer just does everything better. In the end it was the FBA/FBM price rule and Velocity repricing that won us over. ”

Udara K, TX

Categories: Beauty & Personal Care

“StreetPricer’s filters are easier to use. I can zoom in on any aspects of my listings with just a few clicks. We were productive from day one and we worked out how to use it soon after our free trial… We are very pleased with the results. Our sales have been steadily increasing and show no sign of slowing.”

Sean B, Farnborough, UK

Categories: Toys & Games

“It seems to me the Game Theory works if you only have one competitor out there which is less likely by the day. With 5 or 6 sellers all competing for the BuyBox, I don’t think Seller Snap performed any better or worse than other AI-based repricers… From a seller standpoint, StreetPricer’s AI is more pragmatic and direct. Plus it is deceptively simple to set up.”

Dave L, CO

Categories: Industrial & Scientific

“We’ve regularly had supply issues in the last 2 years. We have to manage very carefully not to sell out too quickly, so we use StreetPricer’s Velocity algorithm to throttle based on demand. On the other hand, when our shipments arrive, we send some stock to FBA. StreetPricer’s multi-fulfillment algorithm is a nice touch and was the main reason we decided to go with StreetPricer.”

Doug W, MI

Categories: Apps & Games

“We have competitors on some product lines, but not all. We’d been looking for a while to automate the pricing on those house brands. We looked at a few sales velocity repricers. We’ve found most are only useful for stock clearance scenarios… StreetPricer’s velocity autopricing is the best we’ve seen… adjust pricing UP or DOWN according of number of units sold over time… we were pleasantly surprised to see prices being very gently pushed up over time and even happier with the increase in profit, especially with the decrease in time spent watching our competitors.”

Silvija P, Boston, UK

Categories: Health & Personal Care

“We only have about 2,000 SKUs… we find most sellers want to list as many SKUs as possible. We’re the opposite… Each SKU has to generate an ROI and also return on cash… we watch the sales of every SKU. StreetPricer is the only repricer that allows us to maintain a target sales velocity as our competitors stock fluctuate… For our seasonal products we adjust the target velocity every couple of months then sit back and watch StreetPricer do the rest – that’s about it. ”

Larry A, TX

Categories: Beauty & Personal Care

“We’re building up our Amazon sales and we find StreetPricer an excellent tool to work with… StreetPricer has become a necessary part of our workflow… we review our sales most mornings… Min and Max price uploads are automated with FTP from our IT… Their eBay repricer is really good. We can choose to compete or not compete with sellers. We use their radar to screen out the suspects…”

Jesse E, AUS

Categories: Pet Supplies

“Once I started using StreetPricer, there was no going back – the app is infinitely better.”

Kelly J, CA

Categories: Electronics

“We did use Informed for a while. It didn’t really do much for us. I could never work out why prices were set how they were… StreetPricer gives a lot more information… there’s clarity and accountability of price changes. I can even see exactly what happens to individual items and the logic behind the change. By the way, setting Min and Max prices are so much easier…”

David V, FL

Categories: Motorcycle & Powersports

“StreetPricer is fast and scalable. It has all the features we need and it seems a new feature almost weekly… We used to have a mixed bag of repricers. Now we just standardize on StreetPricer… All our staff are trained on StreetPricer.”

Jonathan L, CA

Amazon virtual assistant service provider

“I trust StreetPricer’s BuyBox counts way more than BQool’s… I’m not paying BQool $100 per month for each marketplace – no way… StreetPricer wins more BuyBoxes anyway.”

Keith T, FL

Categories: Movies & TV

“BQool looks way more complicated but it doesn’t mean it has more useful features. I tried to learn to use BQool but I gave up. Even their staff can’t explain to me how it works. StreetPricer is very well presented and intuitive to use.”

Lee T, Manchester, UK

Categories: Appliance spare parts

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“I want my FBA to win the BuyBox and my FBM to have the lowest price, so I cover both bases. I was surprised to find out how many buyers only care about lowest price and nothing else. I implemented all that with one simple rule in StreetPricer.”

Derrick S, WI

Categories: Automotive Parts & Accessories