Easy to use.

Intuitive and powerful. Visual and quantitative.

Dashboard view

Be proactive and focus on the numbers that matter. Know how your business is performing at a glance.

Self learning

Automatically fine tunes and optimizes your settings over time.

“See” your competition

Competition is presented visually and intuitively side-by-side. Information is presented in charts and graphs.

Inventory view and one-click update

Have the entire inventory on an Excel-like grid view. Change the fields and update your listings with just one click!

Bulk edit tools

CSV upload and download to efficiently manage bulk changes to values and settings.


View reports online or download competitors on CSV.


Saves you time so you are free to drive your business further.


Automatically lock onto competitors if our algorithm is sufficiently confident they are competing listings.


Assign floor prices according to your preference to safeguard profit margin

Rule-based repricing.

Complete flexibility to optimize your pricing strategy.

Price Match with options

Options to price match, undercut, or “hover above” the lowest by an amount or percentage.

Competitor or velocity based

Reprice based on competition, or sales velocity with options to move prices up or down at a rate over time.

By Quantities and Item Conditions

Options to exclude listings with low quantity and specific item conditions.

By Country and Handling Time

Price differentials by countries and handling times. Apply percentage and dollar based mark-ups before price match.

Seamless integration.

Seamless integration with eBay and eCommerce platforms.


Synchronize with your eBay store and listing details.

eCommerce platforms

Connect to your eCommerce platform such as Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, ChannelAdvisor, and Neto.

Cutting edge technologies.

Unrivalled and most advanced.

StreetPricer Radar

Scan deep into competitor’s stores and listings. High-resolution radar picks up detailed information such as price, shipping, quantities, SKU, title, location, condition, item specifics and product codes.

Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms identify competition without the need to enter search keywords, and always present you with the most relevant information.

2-pass repricing

The only repricer with a 2-pass approach, Suspects and Competitors, for control and accuracy.


StreetPricer’s Radar is capable of seeing and mapping competition down to variation level.

No limits. No restrictions.

Seamless integration with eBay and eCommerce platforms.

All eBay sites

All eBay sites are supported. Multi-currency and time-zone aware. You can operate from and sell to any eBay sites.

Multiple eBay accounts

Multiple eBay accounts are supported.

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