How often do you AutoPrice?

The Standard, Standard+ and Elite plans AutoPrice daily. The Professional plan AutoPrices every 8 hours. HotList items on all our plans are AutoPriced every 4 hours.

I have 3,500 SKUs in my store, can I reprice 1,000 using your Standard plan?

Our pricing is based on the size of your store instead of how many items you reprice. Therefore if you have 3,500 SKUs, you will need the Standard+ plan.

Do you support dropshipping and arbitrage?

StreetPricer does not currently support dropshipping or arbitrage.

How quickly can you find my competitors?

For Standard, Standard+ and Elite plans, our Radar goes through your entire store daily. So if a new competing listing appears today and it meets the search criteria, we will find it within 24 hours. For the Professional plan, it may take up to 24-48 hours if your store size is over 10,000 SKUs.

Can you reprice based on my sales velocity?

Velocity-based repricing is in beta testing and scheduled for general release in June 2019.

Would StreetPricer work on my eBay site?

StreetPricer works on all eBay sites, including eBay Motors.

Do you reprice on Amazon?

StreetPricer can compare prices from Amazon based on a published UPC/EAN/ISBN or a provided ASIN, but does not reprice on Amazon.

Do I need credit card details for the free trial?

No payment is required and we do not ask for credit card details during the 14-day free trial. Our FREE plan is completely free.

I sell on multiple eBay sites, would StreetPricer work with that?

StreetPricer can work with multiple eBay sites, if each site uses a different Seller ID. However, it generally does not work well if you use a single Seller ID and list on several eBay sites, because we reference all shipping calculation from a single location, even across different eBay sites.

Do you do screen-scraping of prices from other websites?

StreetPricer does not offer screen-scraping or web-scraping. All pricing information we obtain are through approved API connections.

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