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See you at eBay Open in Vegas next week!

by Leo Chan
29 Jul 2019

Wow, only 6 days to go! StreetPricer will be at eBay Open in Vegas next week from July 23 to 25. We’re a proud Elite sponsor of the event, as well as the Top Seller Program. Our team will be there, including both our founders Cardy and Andrew, and we also have the eBay expert Kathy Terrill from I Love To Be Selling joining us from New York at our booth. Cardy, Andrew and Kathy will be providing expert advice on how best to maximize your eBay store’s turnover and profit with our latest Velocity based Repricing.

I also hear that Cardy will be taking a Koala and a Kangaroo with him to help us launch a brand new StreetPricer plan at eBay Open, and there will be a special offer for all the eBay Open attendees. Stay tuned guys – see you next week!

This is what Cardy said about helping eBay sellers grow their business:


Cardy Chung is the founder of StreetPricer. Read more articles by Cardy Chung.

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