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Benefits of Working From Home

by Leo Chan
28 Apr 2020

Technology has created new industries and has changed the way people work, play, and live. People no longer need to leave their house to purchase what they want or need. They just need to search for it and have it delivered. This also means the chances of working online from home have increased. At this point, everyone is working from home. It’s the new norm.

The reality is our economy is changing rapidly and telecommunications is the way of the financial future. As people become busier and more connected our work/life balances can become a challenge. Working from home can even out the bumpy roads of commerce and home life.


According to Global Workplace Analytic, companies like Best Buy, Dow Chemical, and British telecom found that workers that telecommute are 35-40% more Many workers have issued complaints about office chatter, politics, and other distractions. A home office can be a quieter place to work without worrying about Bob dropping by your cubicle every hour asking if you’ve seen the latest episode of Westworld. It also provides the initiative to work to get things done rather than having to engage in office politics. This entirely depends on your home environment. If you have small children, loud roommates or needy pets running about, it can be challenging to find peace and quiet but setting aside a specific place for work is helpful. Noise-canceling headphones work well for this scenario as well. Setting aside time to work is also necessary to avoid procrastination.

Avoiding the Commute

Driving back and forth to work is one of the most stressful parts of the day. Dealing with traffic and stressing about being on time when a train is stopped in front of you can be avoided when you work from home. You simply have to get up and get to work. The average commute time is 26.1 miles and that’s only going one way. You’re saving almost around an hour or more every day by choosing to stay at home and work. This also creates more time for you to spend with your family and get chores done. Usually, commuting workers spend all day traveling to work and dealing with work itself just to have to go home, make dinner, and finish anything that needs done around the house. Working from home allows time to do laundry and the dishes while you are making dinner and finishing up your sales reports.

Saving Money

In an economy where every dime counts, saving money is a must. Unless you drive an electric car, you are having to fill up your tank at least once a week and you have to maintain your vehicle more often. Telecommuting doesn’t usually require traveling but when it does it’s normally in short bursts for specific tasks. You also save on clothing costs because you can wear whatever you want versus having to abide by dress codes that require consistent wardrobe upkeep. You can also save on food by not having to go out to eat on your breaks. One of the most important factors is saving on medical costs. You don’t have to constantly worry about getting sick and taking time off to go to the doctor. The general health costs to the public is important too. One of the biggest complaints about brick and mortar workspaces is how easy it is to pass around illnesses. Multiple research studies have shown that viruses are easily spread around work environments. Not every workplace has protocols for restricting exposure nor does every company provide paid sick leave. Telecommuting limits the spread of infection and limits recovery time.

Expansion of Ability to Work from Home

As was mentioned, it’s getting easier to work from a home office space. Many companies provide access to software that allows telecommuting. Due to the expansion of the Internet, you can use the same technology to stream movies and manage your eCommerce store. Because of this, companies are offering websites and software programs that aid you in your work at home success. For eCommerce vendors, StreetPricer is a user-friendly platform that can give you a hand up in finding the optimal pricing for your inventory. You can easily maximize your turnover and profit with minimal inventory.

When considering whether you want to start a work at home business take into account that the winners in the game of eCommerce are technology, home and office equipment, arts and crafts, home improvements and hobbies as well as the perfumes. Clothing, shoes, and cosmetic industries will be challenged by the new norm. Also, people are more price-conscious and while they have more time to shop they may have less money to spend. Inventory pricing should reflect this.

This is a great time to try something new and find out if working from home is for you. Check out resources available online and the many innovative ways to become successful while wearing pajamas. Don’t waste time wondering what could be when the resources are available now. Try it for yourself, get out of the rat race and be a part of the work at home revolution.


Cardy Chung is the founder of StreetPricer. Read more articles by Cardy Chung.

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