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How to save time by automating your online selling process

by Leo Chan
28 Oct 2020

We know running an online business can be hard. There are so many tasks to complete, and only so much time to do them. Sometimes the shipping labels, inventory, prices, and all the other puzzle pieces of e-commerce may seem overwhelming, even more often during holiday seasons. But don’t worry, we are here to offer some solutions. 

In our digital age, you can automate just about anything. This also applies to online shops. So, here are some helpful tools to finish some tasks for you, so you can focus your time elsewhere. 

Listing of items

Listing management is vital when it comes to your eBay or Amazon store. Since a successful business is built on well-selling items, these must be appropriately listed and showcased to customers. 

We recommend using a listing management tool like Neto to help you. 

With this, you can easily manage your scheduled items along with those that are active or sold. If you wish to create a listing similar to the one you already have, you can create and apply templates. All your shipping information will also be stored in one place, making everything that much more convenient.

Managing Inventory

Inventory is another large aspect of online stores, so it’s important to keep it organized. With an inventory management tool such as Neto, you will be able to do just that. This is going to help you stay on top of tasks so you can continue to maintain your professionalism and drive your business forward. 

You will be able to save time by editing your inventory in bulk instead of one by one. The prices and inventories can be modified by selecting multiple listings and doing it at once.  

Another great feature is displaying a low quantity of items on your Amazon/eBay store, so people have a fear of missing out. This makes customers act faster instead of leaving your item in the shopping cart for days. Of course, the real numbers will only be seen by you, and you can show the customers only what you select. 


Now before you actually get to printing shipping labels and sending packages off, you must attract people to purchase your products. This can be done with a good price and a good product. Setting the cost for your inventory and having to keep up with the ever-changing market can be difficult, so a repricing tool like StreetPricer is just what you need. Because trends and customers are constantly changing, your prices must also keep up. With a repricing tool, you won’t have to worry about staying behind. Your product prices will automatically be changed to be competitive and attractive to viewers. All you have to do is set a maximum and a minimum price, so it will stay within your preferred range. With a repricing tool, you won’t ever be overpricing or underpricing your products. 

And just like that, selling on eBay and Amazon doesn’t seem as overwhelming anymore, does it? Your store could be ready for the last quarter of 2020, with some logistics taken care of. So, invest in a few tools to help automate your e-commerce process, and get selling!


Cardy Chung is the founder of StreetPricer. Read more articles by Cardy Chung.

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