About Us

About Us

The idea for StreetPricer was conceived in 2003 when its founder Cardy began selling on eBay. As a seller, Cardy knew the importance of pricing his products competitively, and he spent nights on his notebook doing exactly that – sifting through eBay, identifying and tracking his competitors’ listings.

The text file became a spreadsheet and the spreadsheet became a database and Cardy soon had his secret weapon – a tool he affectionately called SLD (Search, Lock and Destroy). It did what he needed it to do and it “kicks ass!” in his words.

StreetPricer retains that very concept today. Its mission was, and still is – to Search, Lock and to Destroy.

Cardy’s friends all wanted to have it – of course. In 2016, together with co-founder Andrew, Cardy began the plan to commercialise SLD. The directive to Andrew was simple – “whatever you dream up, the technical team will deliver”.

In early 2017, Cardy’s friends became the first batch of commercial users. StreetPricer took on its name and went from strength to strength. StreetPricer has a hard-working, competent and dedicated team. The need for it was conceived by sellers, conceptualised by sellers and improved by sellers.


    • Jul 2016
    • Project “StreetPricer” signed off and development began.
    • Jan 2017
    • Pioneer users committed. Beta testing and initial batch of commercial customers.
    • May 2017
    • Launched AI Scan – an Artificial Intelligence based keywordless search.
    • Jun 2017
    • StreetPricer became an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Activate partner, and a solution partner with Zellis and SOS Global.
    • Aug 2017
    • Certified by eBay as “Compatible Application”.

StreetPricerĀ is a Price Monitoring, Dynamic Repricing and Competitor Analysis tool for serious eBay and online retailers.

It is a monthly subscription to build your sales momentum by maintaining its run rate, let you react quickly to price changes as it happens, without the need to dedicate staff to the tasks.