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Richard Gastmeier of the RV Part Shop sells RV parts and accessories, as well as other “outdoor lifestyle essentials.” While the business got its start in Canada, (eBay store and website) he has expanded into the US where their business currently utilizes 7 warehouses (US eBay store and US website). So satisfied with his experience so far with StreetPricer, Gastmeier sat down with us to share how StreetPricer helped him and how he doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.


“we don’t have the competing priorities of RV sales or service like auto or RV retail dealers do. We want to earn your long term business by being honest and helping you get the best value for your recreational dollar.”

Richard Gastmeier of RV Part Shop is an online retailer that also utilizes eBay to reach more customers. RV Part Shop prides themselves on being different, explaining that its “more than a business to them, but also their focus and their passion”. On their site you can read, “we don’t have the competing priorities of RV sales or service like auto or RV retail dealers do. We want to earn your long term business by being honest and helping you get the best value for your recreational dollar.” Here at StreetPricer we are also driven by our desire to bring value to our customers, and help make sure their business is successful – allowing us to build long-term relationships with our customers like Richard.

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  • large invetory – difficult to manage
  • a lot of time spent monitoring competitors
  • RV Part Shop manages a large inventory, and by large I mean that they seek to have any replacement part or accessory you need, “regardless of what kind of motorhome, travel trailer, camper, fifth wheel or tent trailer you have.” And indeed when I skimmed through reviews, people were raving about their low prices and how expansive their collection of products were, with many mentioning they were unable to find the part they needed anywhere else.

    And while this is great for business, a problem with having such a large inventory when it comes to eBay, is that it transferred into RV Part Shop ( and thus Richard) spending a lot of time monitoring the items being sold by others, and as the field got more competitive, it became nearly impossible to keep up with searching and evaluating all of the competitors, and the price changes amongst all of their products being sold. That’s when they knew they needed another solution and started their research, discovering StreetPricer.


    “Thanks to StreetPricer, we can manage our large inventory on eBay with pricing strategies that make our products price-competitive, and with a dashboard to easily monitor competitors and any other key metrics in one place which also gives me the ability to take proactive action if necessary.”

    StreetPricer not only allowed RV Part Shop to compare their competitor’s sales against theirs, it allowed them to save a lot of time through automation. StreetPricer offers automatic price tracking and dynamic repricing on eBay, based on the actions or price changes made by other sellers as well as RV Part Shop’s own settings. These settings include the Floor price mechanism, meaning that RV Part Shop could stay consistently and automatically competitive with their pricing, with the confidence that their products would not be offered cheaper than they were willing or able to sell them for.

    But, StreetPricer didn’t just help Richard avoid dropping his prices too low, it also allowed for him to make more money on products when the time was right, because it’s dynamic repricing capabilities meant the price could be raised automatically if there is a price gap or their competitors are out of stock, or even if RV Part Shop was low on stock and would rather charge more for what they have left.


    “No matter what the issue or question, they attended to it happily and promptly so that they was no disruption in my business. I can’t imagine having to return to running my business on eBay without StreetPricer.”

    StreetPricer gave Richard Gastmeier of RV Part Shop piece of mind about his eBay listings and about increasing the number of listings he offered, as well as freeing up his time. It also allowed him to be more profitable by giving him the ability to manage more listings, and not having to worry about items being offered at prices lower than he can afford. He knows StreetPricer’s dynamic repricing system will help make sure he can sell the product for as much as possible, because StreetPricer will raise his products’ prices whenever there is an opportunity in the market (but also lower them within reason if need be).

    Richard Gastmeier would “recommend StreetPricer to a friend or anyone managing a large inventory on eBay as the ultimate eBay tool to save time, and make money effectively. The ease in setup and management as well as the range of functions it provides makes it a no-brainer.” But the benefit Richard most wanted to point out, was applause to StreetPricer’s customer service, finding them super helpful in any and all problems and questions he had and listed StreetPricer’s customer service as one of his favorite parts about working with the company.

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