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24/7 Automation of your Amazon product pricing – FASTER than any repricers you know.

Make Amazon repricing easier with StreetPricer

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Our repricer respond at least 50x times faster.
Only SECONDS for changes to be made.

Always ahead of competitors.

More Buy Boxes with tested and proven results.

Higher online sales and maximised profits.


With very little tech experience this ingenious piece of software keeps you ahead of the game. Keeps your prices competitive and inline with current trends and stock…just have to hope your competitors don’t install it before you do!


The programming works great and it is fairly easy to use after watching the instructional videos provided. The support team is excellent. Whenever I have a question or a concern they are quick to help get it resolved.


A Significant Improvement Over The Previous Repricer We Used! We have been using Streetpricer for a few weeks, and are already seeing it deliver additional sales.

How did we achieve this?

We use Amazon’s latest technology, the SP-API (aka. Selling Partner Application Programming Interface).

This new SP-API allows third-party apps like us to have direct access to Amazon’s store data. Using the data extracted, we can detect price fluctuations in the market and implement the changes to your product listings faster and more accurately.

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Amazon is changing its API technology

Amazon is introducing a new modernized suite called the Selling Partner API (SP-API) for developers and sellers. It offers more features and flexibility when compared to the previous MWS that most repricing softwares are still using.

Amazon’s official statements on SP-API replacing MWS:
“Going forward, all new API functionality will be built in SP-API, with updates to Amazon
MWS only to support business-critical changes.”
“Yes, over time the legacy Amazon MWS sections will be deprecated and you will need to
migrate to SP-API to continue service.”
“We recommend that you start integrating with SP-API immediately and complete your
migration from Amazon MWS to SP-API as early as possible.”
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