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StreetPricer installation guide.

StreetPricer Installation for Neto

StreetPricer runs as a standalone SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) with its own web application interface, and does not require “installation” into Neto itself.

Therefore, to “install” StreetPricer, you:

  1. Sign-up/Subscribe to StreetPricer with any of our Price Plans
  2. Enable Neto Integration (within Neto) to allow web-services/API connection
  3. Select Neto API as the Update Method for StreetPricer to update Neto directly with reprices

After sign-up, you will be required to setup/configure StreetPricer for your eBay store(s).
See our Getting Started guide here.

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Neto is the only retail and wholesale management platform that provides a complete solution for ecommerce, point of sale, inventory and fulfilment.


StreetPricer is an automated price tracking and repricing software for eBay sellers to achieve higher turnover with less staff, and more profit.


If you have any questions about StreetPricer installation,
please contact us for more Information

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