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3 benefits of using StreetPricer – the eBay repricer tool
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More sales

Price competitively. Price according to your rate of selling. Set prices at where sales happen.

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Less inventory

Use pricing to regulate your inventory and keep it moving. Convert your inventory into cash for a better ROI.

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Higher profit

Stop leaving money on the table. Move your prices higher upon no competition or when they’re out of stock.

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Automate. Save time. Sell more.
*Free 14-day trial. No credit card details required.
Why StreetPricer

Official eBay repricer partner

StreetPricer is the chosen eBay repricer partner for their Get your prices right program.

No obligation free trial

Free trial for 14 days. No obligation. No credit card payment. Risk free.

Competitor or Velocity repricing

The only eBay repricer that lets you set optimal pricing based on either competitors or sales velocity.

Free expert advice

Free expert advice and tech support. Self-help videos on YouTube. Easy to use.

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*Free 14-day trial. No credit card details required.